Join the 2017 Summer Trail Dog Challenge!

We Invite You and Your Pup to Join the 2017 Summer Trail Dog Challenge!

Do you an your pup love the outdoors? Does your pup tag along on your hiking adventures? If so, we invite you and your family to join our Summer Trail Dog Challenge by hiking one dog friendly trail a week this summer!

What is the Summer Trail Dog Challenge?

The 2017 Summer Trail Dog Challenge is a weekly photo contest that challenges people and their pups to get outside and hike one dog friendly trail a week! While you're on your adventure, take a picture that fits that week's theme and post it on Instagram with #SummerTrailDogChallenge and #RubyOnAlki! Our favorite post each week will win a feature on our blog, and be entered for a chance to win a prize from one of our awesome partners at the end of the summer!

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can hike along with us this summer, and anyone with an Instagram account can enter to win the Summer Trail Dog Challenge! All accounts are eligible to win one of our weekly contest features. Unfortunately, only US accounts are eligible to win a prize at the end of the challenge.

To be considered, all Instagram profiles must be public and follow @RubyOnAlki. All photos must feature a dog, use the designated hashtags, tag @RubyOnAlki, and fit the weekly theme to be considered. Photos deemed inappropriate by Ruby On Alki will not be considered. Photos that depict any illegal activity, animal cruelty, or destruction of Public Lands will not be considered and reported.

How Do I Win?

It's so easy to qualify to win the Summer Trail Dog Challenge! Simply go hike a dog friendly trail with your pup, snap a pic of your pup fitting the weekly theme (listed below), and post it on Instagram any time from Saturday - Thursday! In your caption be sure to #SummerTrailDogChallenge and #RubyOnAlki! Also make sure to mention the name and location of the hike so other pet parents can check it out with their pups!

Weekly winners will be entered into a raffle to win one of several exciting prizes at the end of the challenge! These winners will be randomly selected from the pool of weekly winners, and announced on September 1, 2017 on!

When Does the Challenge Start?

The 2017 Summer Trail Dog Challenge will run from June 3rd to August 31st, with winners announced every Friday right here on! Be sure to turn on post alerts for our Insta @RubyOnAlki and SUBSCRIBE to so you never miss a post!

So, What are the Themes?

Week 1: Let's Get Started!

June 3 - June 8
Take a picture of you at the "start" of your hike!

Week 2: Nice to meet YOU!

June 10 - June 15
Take a picture of you and your pup on the trail!

Week 3: Gear Up!

June 17 - June 22
Let's see a pic of your pup's favorite hiking gear! Be sure to tag the company!

Week 4: The View From the Top!

June 24 - June 29
Let's see your pup taking in an awesome view on your exploration!

Week 5: You've Got a Friend in Me!

July 1 - July 6
Let's see the friends you're hiking with, canine, human, or otherwise!

Week 6: Snack Attack!

July 8 - July 13
Mmmmm... Snacks! Show us what your pup is snacking on while you're on the trail!

Week 7: Lights, Camera, ACTION!

July 15 - July 20
Get those cameras ready and snap an action shot of your pup along the trail!

Week 8: Climb Every Mountain!

July 22 - July 27
Get wayyyy up there! We challenge you to (safely) make a climb with your pup and take a pic on top of the world!

Week 9: Take a Sip!

July 29 - August 3
Be sure to stay hydrated on the trail! Take a pic of your pup enjoying a much deserved water break!

Week 10: Where you Lead...

August 5 - August 10
Take a picture of your pup "leading" the way on your hike! Please remember to respect all leash laws and stay on the trail to prevent erosion and protect the wildlife!

Week 11: Scoop It Up!

August 12 - August 17
The #1 argument against allowing dogs on the trails is the negative environmental impacts of their waste. Let's beat the critics and snap some funny pics of our pups while we do the responsible thing, and scoop the poop to haul away with us!

Week 12: The End!

August 19 - August 24
Let's see a picture at the end of your successful excursion!

Week 15: Looking Back...

August 26 - August 31
Take a pic from behind you and your pup as you stare off into your next adventure!

We look forward to adventuring and 

WINNING with you this summer!

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