4 Feel Good, Family Friendly Dog Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now

There's nothing like settling in for a movie night with your family...

And if your a dog mom, then that means your pup is watching with you! So why not turn on a feel good film that everyone will love? We put together a quick list of 4 feel good, family friendly dog movies that you and your family of dog people can watch right now on Netflix! So grab the popcorn and ice cream, it's time to stream!

Balto, (G)

This adventurous animated film was first released in 1995 by Universal Pictures. It tells the legendary, true tale of a wolf-mix dog struggling to find his place in his small Alaskan village. However, when the children of Nome are threatened by a fast-spreading illness, Balto rises to the occasion and leads his team of fellow sled dogs on a 600 mile trek to retrieve much needed medical supplies. This incredible journey is what lead to the creation of the infamous Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska!

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, (G)

Confused about being left behind while their family goes on vacation, dogs Chance, Shadow, and cat Sassy embark on a cross-country adventure to reunite with their people. This 1993 Disney film is one of my personal favorites, and an amazing piece of Americana, showing the USA through the wide eyes of three unsuspecting pets who risk life and limb to find their humans. Be sure to watch for Micheal J. Fox, who stars in this movie in an especially unique role!

Cats & Dogs, (PG)

This 2001 Warner Brothers film was one of my childhood favorites! The movie explores the long fought secret war being battled between the cats and dogs just out of sight of their humans. The stakes are high, the plot dramatic, and the high-tech antics are hilarious. Oh, and did I mention this flick also stars both Alec Baldwin and Tobey Maguire? It's definitely a fun movie that the whole family will love.

Turner & Hooch, (PG)

In this fun 1989 flick, Tom Hanks plays small town Detective Scott Turner, who stumbles onto a murder case with just one witness, the man's huge dog Hooch. In order to solve the case and save Hooch from being put to sleep, Detective Turner has to take him in and put up with his antics. This odd couple makes for a fun filled film that never disappoints!

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