A Healthy Meal Your Grain-Free Dog Will Love

Pet bowl provided courtesy of our hometown company, Platinum Pets USA
We love our new food bowl because it is human food service quality, which 
helps to prevent any unsafe chemicals leaching into Ruby's food! 

Having a dog with food allergies can be difficult.

With Ruby, it feels like we're constantly finding more and more foods that make her sick. Most prominently, Ruby has a severe grain allergy that can really limit her dry food options. Luckily, with the help of our veterinarian we have finally developed a regiment of affordable, easy-to-make, grain-free food options that Ruby loves! This is Ruby's favorite grain-free dinner "recipe" so far, and all of the items can be purchased between your local grocery and pet store!

Servings Size:

This recipe is designed for an active, adult dog weighing approximately 15 lbs.



First, prepare hard boiled eggs by your preferred method. Also prepare dehydrated dog food as directed on package and mix in coconut oil until incorporated. Next kibble to the bottom of your pet's clean bowl. Then add the prepared dehydrated food and coconut oil and yogurt. Top with a hard boiled egg, then drizzle over honey and sprinkle turmeric. Serve immediately.

Canine Health Benefits:

The grain free kibble and dehydrated dog food help to provide a diverse and balanced base of nutrients that help to support your pet's overall health. Coconut oil has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties and provides a healthy fat that can support healthy digestion, reduce allergic reactions, and improve your pet's skin and coat. Plain yogurt acts as an excellent probiotic, which helps to aid digestion in pets (and people!). Hard boiled eggs are considered a "complete" food source for dogs, and are a great source of protein, healthy fats, Vitamin A and B12, and other nutrients. You can even serve hard boiled eggs with the shell on if your dog doesn't mind it! We use organic, local honey to help support Ruby's immune system and help to alleviate her seasonal allergies. Turmeric is documented to have many medicinal properties for both dogs and humans, we like it especially for it's anti-inflammatory properties!

DISCLAIMER: We are not experts here at Ruby On Alki, so please remember that all opinions or advice given is based on our personal experiences and opinions. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a qualified trainer, veterinarian, or other appropriate specialist. Please visit our Disclosure + Disclaimer page for more info.

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PS. Pet bowl provided by Platinum Pets USA! We love our new pet bowl because it's designed to be human foodservice quality, dishwasher safe, and practically indistructable! Not to mention it gives us peace of mind knowing there's no yucky chemicals leaching into Ruby's food and water!

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