10 Easy Ways to Reduce your Carbon "Paw-Print" and Be an Eco-Friendly Dog Parent!

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the day that we have set aside especially to consider the urgent issues facing our beautiful planet, and take action to keep our earth health for the future. As many of you may know, having a dog is not always the most eco-friendly endeavor, however we have compiled a list of 10 easy ways anyone can reduce their carbon "paw-print" and be an eco-friendly pet parent.

10. Take A Walk!

Skip the car when you can and take a walk instead! Reducing the amount of fossil fuels you use by walking or biking between locations is an easy way that you and your pets to be more eco-friendly! Too far to walk? Try hopping on public transit! Seattle allows well behaved, leashed dogs to ride with their owners on city buses and other transit. Visit the King County Metro page for more information on how you can bring your pup along on your next trip!

9. Bulk Up At the Grocery Store! 

Buying in bulk is an easy way to reduce unnecessary packaging and keep plastic out of landfills. Next time you're at the grocery store, consider buying your pet-friendly baking or cooking products from the bulk section or buy their kibble in a larger, bulk size to save the extra packaging!

8. Pass On Plastic and Paper Products!

Whenever possible, pass on single-use plastic and paper items and use washable, re-useable items instead! In our house, use cloth towels instead of paper towels, metal food and water bowls that can be easily washed and sterilized, and food-safe pyrex containers to store extra food and treats for later! We have also switched to using biodegradable poo-bags to help prevent their impact on landfills.

7. Buy Re-Used and Recycled Products!

Many pet products are made from easily destroyed, non-biodegradable materials which end up going straight into a landfill! Try opting for higher impact toys and pet product that have a longer lifespan, or buy toys that can be recycled after use! Now you can also find tons of amazing toys and products made from recycled materials, which helps to keep more junk out of landfills!

6. Shop Local! 

If you've read our blog, you already know that we are huge believers in shopping at small, local businesses instead of a big box store. So next time you shop for your pet, try checking out local farmers markets, craft fairs, and small businesses for more natural and earth conscious pet products, Without using fossil fuels used to ship the products around, they are already much better for our planet, not to mention your purchase is going directly back to your local economy!

5. Make It At Home!

We all know that feeding your pets less-processed food is better for their health, but did you also know that it's better for the environment? By preparing your pet's food at home there is usually less food waste, fewer emissions than factory-produced foods, and less wasted packaging.

4.Think Twice Before You Trash!

Before you toss that leash or trash that food bowl ask yourself, is this really garbage? If the item is still useable, consider cleaning it and donating it to your local humane society or favorite rescue organization! This way your dog's old puppy supplies can find a new life with a homeless pet.

3. Scoop The Poop! 

In Seattle, scoop laws exist to protect the contamination of our local ecosystems and watersheds. When you pick up after your pet, you prevent their waste from ending up in local creeks, streams, rivers, and eventually the Puget Sound and Pacific Ocean! Scooping your pup's poo is not only the considerate thing to do, it helps to save local wildlife from foreign diseases and habitat loss. For this reason, it is so important to always have some biodegradable "poo bags"for when your pup has to go!

2. Always Spay and Neuter!

One huge thing we can do to prevent over-population of domestic animals in our cities is to always spay and neuter our pets. If we have fewer unwanted pets are on the streets, there are fewer animals hunting local wildlife to survive or contaminating local watersheds and local wildlife areas with their waste.

1. Adopt, Don't Shop!

The easiest way to be an eco-friendly pet owner is to own a "recycled" pet! By adopting a pet from a local rescue organization, we help to take animals off the streets, where they cause damage to our environment. Furthermore, adoption helps to curb the purchase of animals from irresponsible "backyard breeders" who breed animals in inhumane and often highly toxic situations. Already have a dog? Consider donating some eco-friendly products to your favorite, local animal-aide organization to help them go green!

This Earth Day, we hope you consider doing what you can to reduce 
your carbon "paw-print" and become a more eco-friendly dog parent!

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  1. I love these ideas! I'm all about helping the environment out.

  2. I am so bookmarking this for when my little guy Kiwi comes to visit!

  3. Great tips, I am always looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint, hadn't really though about applying that to my pup.

  4. We have cut down A LOT on one-use plastic products this year! I even got my hubby to agree to washing and re using plastic freezer bags :)

  5. uUmber 1 is clearly my favorite. #AdoptDontShop! <3