Pet Portraits - The Perfect Way to Honor Your Furry Family

One of the biggest trends in dog mom decor this spring is custom pet portraits. Whether they be painted, hand-drawn, digital, or even needle-felted, these gorgeous custom pieces can truly add a unique and heartwarming touch to your home. It's a trend that we had to try, so we set out to find the perfect pet portraitist to bring our doggy "Dali" dreams to life!

Lucky for us, we were able to find an incredibly talented animal artist right here in Seattle! Dog mom, Britt Byington of Broken Yellow Mug is following her passion and painting watercolor pet portraits from your favorite photos of your pup. Just visit her shop, send her your pics, and in just a few short weeks you'll have a priceless portrait ready to display!

I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive Ruby's painting! Britt beautifully captured my sweet doggy daughter in her strikingly detailed work. Even better, she was able to incorporate my floral obsession into her creation! This piece truly is stunning! Styled in a simple gold frame to tie it into the room, it has quickly become a my most popular conversation piece!

It is safe to say, we LOVE the pet portrait trend! In the short time our new art has been on display, I have received so many compliments! Dog mom decorators everywhere take note: there's no better way to display your dog!

Oh, one more thing...

Broken Yellow Mug received so many requests for portraits like Ruby's, she added the style to her shop! Just visit Broken Yellow Mug on Etsy and look for the Limited Edition listing. It wont last long! You can also use coupon code "ALKI10" for 10% your order of any custom pet portrait or greeting card from her adorable shop!
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How do you feel about the pet portrait trend?
Do you have any pet related art in your home?
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  1. YOUR BLOG IS GORGEOUS!! OMG SO PRETTY!!!!!! I am in love with it and just signed up!!!I absolutely love the pet portrait too!!!!! So nice to meet you!!!! DakotasDen

    1. You are just too sweet Caren!!! Thank you so much! Glad to hear you enjoy the blog! Makes my heart happy!

  2. So adorable!! I need one of our pup!! Thanks for sharing!!