West Seattle's Lincoln Park

One of my favorite accidental habits I’ve formed since I became Ruby’s mom is getting up pretty early on Saturdays and enjoying a walk together while I sip my morning coffee. Don’t get me wrong, we love sleeping in, but there’s nothing quite like a morning walk with a cup of hot coffee here in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest to help you re-center yourself after a long week. This past Saturday was no different, so Ru and I were up early and decided to drive a few miles down the road from Alki for a morning stroll in Lincoln Park.

Lincoln Park has been a favorite of ours since we moved to West Seattle. Located on a bluff in West Seattle, this waterfront, multi-purpose park features over 10 miles of walking and biking trails, several recreational fields, multiple play structures, Colman swimming pool, and a beautiful waterfront walk just North of the ferry terminal. Parking is super easy, as there are multiple lots available as well as street parking in the surrounding neighborhoods, and leashed dogs are welcome throughout the park, save for the play fields.

It was a fairly overcast morning when we arrived, but there was no rain and several cloud breaks during our excursion. The wind was fairly calm as well, which made the high of 48 degrees feel much warmer than it was! It has been fairly dry, and most of the trails are paved so there was very little mud. The beach here is rocky and there are large pieces of driftwood which form buffers along the sea wall and give visitors the awesome opportunity to build forts next to the Sound.

What we wore:
As I mentioned, minimal winds made it a pretty mild morning, Ruby went sans-jacket and sported the red camping-themed bandana I made for her last summer. I wore my fave quirky, hiking long sleeve from the Landmark Project which reads, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, except bears because bears will kill you”. Paired with some leggings, walking shoes and my trusty Columbia Sportswear vest I was comfy and cozy.

In the Fall and Spring, many flock to this park for recreation league sports games, while summer attracts hundreds daily for waterfront picnics, and many who take advantage of the waterfront Colman Pool. Personally, we love building driftwood forts with friends and watching the ferry boats come and go from the docks adjacent to the south beach of the park. Not to mention that the views of the Olympics are stunning this time of year! Their snow caps are visible even on an overcast day.

There are public restrooms available, as well as doggy bag stations throughout the park. There’s also 300’ of beach space dedicated for the launch of hand-carry boats, so the park is a great spot for launching kayaks or stand up paddle boards! There is currently some renovation work talking place on one of the play structure areas, but generally speaking they are all in good condition and even on a winter weekend they were crowded with kiddos!

The verdict:
In case it wasn’t already obvious, we absolutely adore Lincoln Park. Maybe we’re just biased because it’s so close to home, but we come back several times a month and have no intention of stopping any time soon! It’s a great, easily accessible park for anyone who lives in West Seattle, and the perfect spot to meet your other Dog Mom girlfriends for a weekend walk with your pups!

Interested in learning a little more about Lincoln Park? Check out their official website HERE for more info, or to reserve a picnic space!

Have you ever visited Lincoln Park?
What are your favorite things to do at the beach with your pup?
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  1. I love Lincoln, and my morning walks with a good coffee! Ampersand on Alki is one of my favorites ;) Keep doing what you're doing girl, love your blog!

    1. You're too sweet Cadence! Morning walks in Seattle sunshine are best done with coffee and a pup! Hope we run into you and your fur baby sometime soon!