Barking At The Bachelor: Season 21, Episode 9

We're back at it again!
Welcome, welcome to another fabulous installment of the groundbreaking blog series, Barking at the Bachelor! It's been a busy day here at Ruby On Alki, but with a box of wine and a sleepy schnauzer we are ready to recap this weeks enthralling (although brief) episode of The Bachelor!

New York, New York...
We find ourselves quickly ushered back into a swanky hotel suite high above the city that never sleeps, where bachelor Nick Viall is in for an uncomfortable conversation with former Bachelorette, and lover, Andi Dorfman. DRAMA!!! Despite the obvious setup, you could cut the tension with a rusty spoon. It is very clear that Nick does not want Andi there, so the conversation proceeds with difficulty despite being drawn out for almost 15 minutes of air time... UGH. In typical Bachelor fashion she's just there to wish him luck and give him a corny pep talk before the Rose Ceremony, so let's get on with it.

God Save the Princess...
The ladies enter the blustery high rise patio with great ceremony, one at a time, accompanied by host Chris Harrison and their own corny voice overs. Raven is scared that she will never have the chance to tell Nick she loves him, Vanessa doesn't feel special, Rachel is calm and confident, and Corinne is, well Corinne. That girl is all over the place and looks like a muppet-hooker in her furry coat. Poor Dear, she doesn't even know whats coming.

Nick enters as the girls stand shivering in their stilettos and the ceremony starts. Raven and Rachel receive the first two roses and live to fight another day. Vanessa and Corinne hold it together, but in the end, Nick FINALLY makes the right choice and decides to send Corinne packing. THANK YOU PRODUCERS! I was almost ready to jump ship on the series if that girl had gone home with a ring. See you in Paradise sister-friend!

Final Finland Fantasy...
Cut to snow covered forests and cozy fireplaces, The Bachelor is headed to Finland for Fantasy Suites! Lucky lady Rachel is the first up for her chance at a night with Nick, which will likely include a course of antibiotics after this many seasons on the show... Just sayin'!

The pair straps in for ANOTHER helicopter ride because apparently that's Nick's go-to date. They see the snowy landscape and some furry creatures before warming up in a local pub for some refreshments and the finest fare in all of Finland (try saying that 10 times fast)! Over darts and drinks they discuss the fantasy suite, Rachel impresses upon Nick the serious nature of the night, as she has only slept with one man (WHO CARES) and has never had the "Big O" (TMI). Nick seems to relate (HA!) and invites Rachel to spend a night with him in a glass-roofed hut under the Northern Lights, which she eagerly accepts. We then leave the two as they settle in for a long night of pre-marital poking.

Wait... That's it!?!
Yep... Short episode this week. This an especially huge bummer considering next week will be Ladies Tell All week! We'll have to check back in two weeks to see if Raven got her big "O"-ment. Until then, I'll settle for all the catfights and hair pulling that will surely ensure on next week's enlightening episode of The Bachelor - Ladies Tell All!
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