Seattle's Discovery Park

A rare, sunny weekend in January means one thing for Seattleites, getting outside! I mean sure, the rain rarely stops us from adventuring outdoors, but sunshine and 45 degrees was something to celebrate. So, we packed a lunch and headed out to explore the wonderland that is Discovery Park!

Located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, Discovery Park is the largest park owned and operated by the City of Seattle. The park rests on top of Magnolia bluff and spans 534 acres of natural space, including several miles of tidal beaches, sand dunes, sea cliff areas, meadowlands, forest area, boating access and several small streams. Historically, most of the park is made up of the area formerly known as Fort Lawton, which closed it's outpost officially in 2005. However the park was opened in the 1970's when most of the land was sold to the city. Now home to miles of trails and the Daybreak Star Cultural-Education Center, the park is a destination for all types of recreational activities. However, most know Discovery Park for it's photographically famous West Point Lighthouse and incredible view of the Cascades and Puget Sound.

Our day was sunny and beautiful. Sure, the high was only 45 degrees but almost everyone was just in light jackets or t-shirts, which was such a treat! The park was pretty busy, but the beach was gorgeous, and we had no trouble finding some secluded spots to relax. As for the trails, most of the high-traffic paths are in great shape, wide, paved and lined with benches. The roads and parking lots were in great shape as well, and the only difficult spots were those shady areas that were still covered in ice. The only unfortunate areas were the trails back in the forested areas, which were flooded and muddy from all the foot traffic. I had to pick Ruby up several times for fear she would be in mud up to her ears!

What we wore:
Today was balmy by PNW standards, so I took the opportunity to show off my darling new Notice Co. v-neck! I'm in love with the color and how crazy soft this tee is, not to mention the sassy "Dog Hair Don't Care" message! I paired it with some high waisted, distressed American Eagle jeggings and white converse for an easy weekend outfit! Not pictured is my go-to North Face fleece that kept me warm in the shade. Ruby sported her signature red polkadot harness, no puppy coat needed!

This park truly has it all! From the forests to the beach, and the cliffs to the meadows, every turn revealed a new, beautiful landscape to explore. What really made the experience was that it was so easy to access. We parked in the North parking lot and walked along Discovery Park Boulevard to West Point Lighthouse. Dogs are allowed on leash, however we admittedly indulged in a little off-leash beach time with a few puppy friends. Just remember to bring your own bags and take any waste with you as the only garbage cans are located in the parking lots.

The lighthouse itself was beautiful and had a sweet little lawn with some picnic tables where we ate lunch. Afterwards, we walked up the north stretch of beach to romp around and watch the sailboats. We then took the muddy forest trail back to the lot. If I did it again, I would avoid this area or wear rain boots during the wet months as it's just so muddy, however the shortcut saved us a long walk back up the roadway and allowed us some quiet time in the woods.

The verdict:
This park is definitely up there with one of the best parks we've ever visited! The easy access makes it perfect for a quick trip, while it's size makes it perfectly suitable for a full day excursion. There's really something for everyone here, from the cultural center to the kids park, we will definitely be back to explore further!

So, do we have you convinced? If you plan to visit Discovery Park we recommend you check out the Seattle Parks website by clicking HERE. Also be sure to pick up a free park map at the info board near the parking lot on your way in!

Have you visited Discovery Park?
What's your favorite Puget Sound park?
Leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. Ruby is adorable! And I seriously need one of those shirts. Loving the blog!


    1. Thanks Cadence! You're too sweet! And you definitely need the shirt! Check Out Notice Co. on Etsy!