Barking At The Bachelor: Season 21, Episode 4

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, get ready for another exciting installment of Barking At The Bachelor!
My name is Taylor, and I’ll be your host for the next 5 minutes as we recap the drama that unfolded this week between Nick Viall and his lady friends on ABC’s The Bachelor! How was that? I feel like a tipsy Chris Harrison in sweatpants, and Ruby is not amused with my giggles as I’m writing this. Oh well! It really was a drama packed week this week, so let’s dive on in!

The Rose Ceremony…
This episode opens post-pool party as Nick is suffering the repercussions of his sleazy romp with Corinne in the pretty princess bounce house. It’s a massacre as every other bachelorette lays into him with judgement, and rightfully so! It was pretty lame of him to play into her weird sex games out in front of the other girls so early in the game, I mean journey. Vanessa is especially upset, as all of this garbage is playing out just hours after her magical date with Nick, which ended with tears of happiness for both… Guess that connection wasn’t as sincere as we thought!

The ceremony begins and this week, everyone is present and accounted for. One by one, the ladies step forward to claim their prize until there are only three left empty handed, Christen, Corinne, and Brittany. EVERYONE (except for Nick and the producers apparently) is praying that the final rose of the evening doesn’t go to Corinne. But alas, Nick calls her name and the day is won, yet again, for Princess Corinne who celebrates her victory as Christen and Brittany both share a tearful goodbye with the camera.

And they’re off!
Chris Harrison rouses the girls the next morning to share with the girls that they’re going on vaca… JK they’re going to Wisconsin. But at least it’s out of the Mansion, right? The ladies pack their bags and jet off to the exotic paradise that is Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nick’s hometown.

After quickly greeting the bachelorettes, Nick whisks Danielle L. off for the world’s most boring hometown date. Seriously, it was a major snooze fest by any season’s standards. The two decorated ‘Nickerdoodle’ (*gag*) cookies at the local bakery, relaxed on a hill in a park, and awkwardly ran into Nick’s ex-girlfriend at a coffee shop, who endorsed Nick as the nice guy that ABC wants us to believe that he always has been. Spoiler Alert:  I still don’t buy it. The two later have dinner where Danielle L. reveals her sob story, and we find that her parents are divorced so she’s scared of marriage. Even the Chris Lane concert the two attended wasn’t overly uplifting. It really couldn’t have been a less exciting ten minutes, but I guess Nick had fun because Danielle L. got her rose and went home a happy camper.

“I’m not sure if its cow sh*t, or bullsh*t, but I smell sh*t…” -Sarah
Now, it’s time for a group date and Rachel, Alexis, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jaimie, Sarah, Whitney, Kristina, Astrid, Taylor, Josephine, Danielle M., and Corinne are all off to spend the day on a dairy farm doing farm chores just like all typical Wisconsinites do. Basically, it’s an excuse to make the girls suffer while they are forced to shovel cow manure in their designer outfits, but one bachelorette isn’t taking sh*t from anybody. That’s right, Corinne slipped away and pouted on a rock outside the barn to avoid manual labor, because that’s the princess thing to do. The other girls are PISSED that they didn’t think to pull that card first, but Nick tries to keep it together but really just seems to think the entire thing is hilarious.

The date shifts to cocktail hour and while Nick is away Corinne decided to use the time to reconcile with her fellow bachelorettes. This attempt manifested itself as Corinne being as fake as humanly possible, prompting Sarah to ask her if she’s really here because she’s ready to marry 36-year-old Nick, aka the #RightReasons. Corinne blows off their opinions and tells Nick that she’s settled her beef (HAHAHA… See what I did there?) with the other ladies and that she feels her problems are solved! But even so, Kristina is awarded the Group Date rose.

Let’s kick it!
Raven is the lucky recipient of the last date in Nick’s home town, and by Bachelor standards, she really won the jackpot. The pair spent most of the day with Nick’s family, starting at his youngest sister’s soccer game, where they adorably helped the team warm up. During the game Raven is introduced to Nick’s parents, who seemingly loved her, before they all loaded up and headed to the skating rink for a post-game skating session! The date was everything a hometown date should be, and they seemed to be having an incredible time.

They ended the evening at an art Museum in Milwaukee. The scene is beautiful and as the two get to talking Nick gets Raven to reveal the supposedly hilarious time she drove long distance to catch her ex-boyfriend banging another girl, then beat the crap out of them. I mean, wow. Nobody mess with this southern belle. The good news is that she learned from the experience, so that is enough to win her a rose and another adorable spin on the roller blades around the empty museum.

The Cocktail Party…
The ladies make their way to a glitzed out barn for the evening and immediately Danielle L., rose and all, steals Nick first. Major power play. However her victory is short lived as Seattleite Taylor is quick to butt in. While Taylor is out of earshot, Corinne has decided that she, Princess Corn (named such for an analogy in which she called herself golden and juicy), would take tonight to confront her. So as soon as Nick departs, Corinne takes his place by the fire and the two begin a very amplified conversation about how awful and superior Taylor is acting towards her, reminding her all the while that it’s wrong to emotionally attack people… It’s an interesting approach, I’ll give her that. Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait for next week to see how this all plays out, but I have a strong feeling we have a very interesting two-on-one date coming our way soon!

That’s all I have for this week Bachelor Nation! My glass is empty and little Ruby and I are off to bed. Make sure to check back next Tuesday for another Barking At The Bachelor!

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