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A Healthy Meal Your Grain-Free Dog Will Love

Pet bowl provided courtesy of our hometown company, Platinum Pets USA
We love our new food bowl because it is human food service quality, which 
helps to prevent any unsafe chemicals leaching into Ruby's food! 

Having a dog with food allergies can be difficult.

With Ruby, it feels like we're constantly finding more and more foods that make her sick. Most prominently, Ruby has a severe grain allergy that can really limit her dry food options. Luckily, with the help of our veterinarian we have finally developed a regiment of affordable, easy-to-make, grain-free food options that Ruby loves! This is Ruby's favorite grain-free dinner "recipe" so far, and all of the items can be purchased between your local grocery and pet store!

10 Easy Ways to Reduce your Carbon "Paw-Print" and Be an Eco-Friendly Dog Parent!

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the day that we have set aside especially to consider the urgent issues facing our beautiful planet, and take action to keep our earth health for the future. As many of you may know, having a dog is not always the most eco-friendly endeavor, however we have compiled a list of 10 easy ways anyone can reduce their carbon "paw-print" and be an eco-friendly pet parent.

Ruby the Rescue: The Story of a Little Dog with a Big Impact

I can't think of a better way to celebrate National Pet Day,

Than to share the story of the little dog whose resilient spirit and zest for life inspired me to create this blog. About a year ago, my sweet Ruby dog came into my life and changed it for the better, and it's her attitude that has shown me how I want to live my life.