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Join the 2017 Summer Trail Dog Challenge!

We Invite You and Your Pup to Join the 2017 Summer Trail Dog Challenge!

Do you an your pup love the outdoors? Does your pup tag along on your hiking adventures? If so, we invite you and your family to join our Summer Trail Dog Challenge by hiking one dog friendly trail a week this summer!

What is the Summer Trail Dog Challenge?

The 2017 Summer Trail Dog Challenge is a weekly photo contest that challenges people and their pups to get outside and hike one dog friendly trail a week! While you're on your adventure, take a picture that fits that week's theme and post it on Instagram with #SummerTrailDogChallenge and #RubyOnAlki! Our favorite post each week will win a feature on our blog, and be entered for a chance to win a prize from one of our awesome partners at the end of the summer!

4 Feel Good, Family Friendly Dog Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now

There's nothing like settling in for a movie night with your family...

And if your a dog mom, then that means your pup is watching with you! So why not turn on a feel good film that everyone will love? We put together a quick list of 4 feel good, family friendly dog movies that you and your family of dog people can watch right now on Netflix! So grab the popcorn and ice cream, it's time to stream!

A Healthy Meal Your Grain-Free Dog Will Love

Pet bowl provided courtesy of our hometown company, Platinum Pets USA
We love our new food bowl because it is human food service quality, which 
helps to prevent any unsafe chemicals leaching into Ruby's food! 

Having a dog with food allergies can be difficult.

With Ruby, it feels like we're constantly finding more and more foods that make her sick. Most prominently, Ruby has a severe grain allergy that can really limit her dry food options. Luckily, with the help of our veterinarian we have finally developed a regiment of affordable, easy-to-make, grain-free food options that Ruby loves! This is Ruby's favorite grain-free dinner "recipe" so far, and all of the items can be purchased between your local grocery and pet store!