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Port Angeles, WA: A Dog Friendly Guide the Pacific Northwest's Prettiest Peninsular City

A family get together spurred a spontaneous road trip with my Mother and Grandmother to Port Angeles, Washington!

Port Angeles is known as "The Center of it All in the Olympic Peninsula" and for good reason! The town of just under 20,000 residents is currently booming due to its sweeping views of the Straight of Juan de Fuca, darling downtown, and plenty of pet friendly parks and attractions.

Trail Guide: Curly Creek Falls Trail, Gifford Pinchot National Forest - Washington

This week we kicked off our first hike of the Summer Trail Dog Challenge with a hike in Gifford Pinchot National Forest! As a warm up to our long season of hiking, and to stay below the low looming snow line, we opted to hike Curly Creek Falls Trail!

How to Navigate a Visit to the Emergency Vet

Truthfully, the past month and a half in our household has been absolutely EXHAUSTING. 

In the midst of our busy schedule and launch of our very first Summer Trail Dog Challenge, reality struck, and Ruby fell rapidly ill.

In the past 3 weeks, we have visited Emergency Veterinarians twice for Ruby's worsening gastrointestinal issues, which would cause her condition to decline to the point of being life threatening in a matter of hours. Her current diagnosis is hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, and she is currently responding well to her treatment. Despite the positive outcome, I can easily say that these emergency trips were some of the most overwhelming and difficult hours of my life, but I am forever thankful to these doctors for their quick, skillful work to help save Ruby.

Though we hope you and your pets never have to make a trip to the emergency vet, in the event that you do, we do have a few tips to help you navigate the process and make things a little easier and less stressful.